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Patent: A new mirrorless camera body design with integrated grip with pass-through

Patent: Canon RF 100-400mm f/5-7.1 IS USM

Patent: Optical formulas for an RF 28mm f/1.4 and RF 35mm f/1.4

The specifications for the upcoming Nikon Z 9 leak out ahead of the official announcement

Peter McKinnon shows off the Canon EOS R3

DJI officially launches the DJI Mini SE, a sub 250g drone for only $299

IBIS comparison: Canon EOS R5 vs Sony α1

Gordon Laing reviews the 8K quality from the Canon EOS R5


Nikon’s upcoming camera N2014 confirmed to be the Z9 (with new EN-EL18d battery and MH-33 charger)

Announced: three new silver TTartisan APS-C lenses for Nikon Z-mount – all under $100 (a perfect match for the Nikon Z fc)

The next two lenses to be announced by Nikon are…

Viltrox will soon release three new APS-C autofocus lenses for Nikon Z-mount

The new Viltrox 24mm f/1.8 AF lens for Nikon Z-mount will be officially announced on August 15th (10% off coupon code included)

Nikon Z fc camera additional coverage


TTArtisan Fujifilm X/GFX Lens Roadmap with Autofocus Lenses for Fujifilm, 23mmF1.4 FX, 90mmF1.25 GFX and 40mmF2.8 FX

Fujifilm GFX50SII will Look IDENTICAL to the Fujifilm GFX100S, Hence Make Leaked Images Useless ;)

BREAKING: Fujifilm X Summit on September 2 with LIVE STREAM on FujiRumors

BREAKING: One More and Never Rumored X Series Camera Coming 2021

Fujinon Patents for XF 90mm F1.6 and XF 77mm F1.6 Spotted

New Fujifilm Financial Results: Imaging Division Recovers Sharply Thanks to Instax, Fujifilm GFX100S increased GFX User base

TTArtisan 11mm f/2.8 for Fujifilm GFX Officially Announced


World’s most Powerful 260W Graphene Power Bank to recharge your camera, phone and laptop

Sony pulls out of the PPI show due to COVID concerns

Review of the new TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro (available for E-mount too).

New deal til August 20: Save $125 on the entire Topaz bundle

Godox MF12 Macro Flash announced

Sony A9 marked as “discontinued” at BHphoto

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