In today's 400th episode I sit down and talk to World Renowned Wildlife and Travel photographer Ian Plant!

You can find the show notes here.

Show Notes

These were my questions for Ian and you can listen to his answers of course. You can find his website here.


Ian has beautiful images that he has captured all over the world!


Here is the image of the orangutans that he captured with his fisheye lens


The monkey standing guard while is tribe descends the rocks to sleep at night.


You can find his workshops at PhotoMasters


You can also find Ian on Instagram


Ian, you started your career as a lawyer, why did you leave law and how did that led to a full-time photography career?


What does your current photography journey look like?


Photography composition tips (Ian is the author of the critically-acclaimed ebook "Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition”)


Were there any business mistakes you made as a beginner?


What tips do you have for anyone who's pursuing full-time photography?


How can a new photographer create their own unique style?


What was your inspiration behind Photo Masters?


Your wildlife photography tips for emotive and outstanding wildlife photos.


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